Memento Mori and Modern Medicine: A Study of the Artwork of Damien Hirst

Death Modernity Medicine Ontology Damien Hirst


VOL 2, NO 1 (2015)
Theoretical Study(ies)
March 19, 2015


Death from the biomedical standpoint is a negative and technological issue. We need to be aware of death in order to have an authentic life and medical practice. Some philosophers and artists have shed some light on this dark side of modern medicine. This article is an interdisciplinary discussion on some of the conceptual art works of Damien Hirst which are focused on death and medicine. Hirst's installations and his critical point of view, which we have discussed in this essay, are some examples of how contemporary art can bring medical care closer to real-life human concern and disclose some ontological aspects of medical practice.

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